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  • So simple yet so beautiful. Melt-and-pour soap well done! I'm told there's a little crystal inside the glittering heart, too. Essential oil blend and soap from Senses.Live. Many thanks to Helen for this unexpected gift!
  • This may or may not have been inspired by real life. #doodle #comic #minecraft
  • Eight and still playing with her food. At least she's graduated to knowing how to finger-crochet a chain stitch with her udon. (I don't let her do this in public. Also, she made me record a how-to video. Which I'm not sharing, to spare other parents. You're welcome.)
  • We lawfully obey at a Selfie Station. #howtobesingaporean
  • Scorching day. "Baby" gelato cones.
  • Kid with big pile of insects
  • Just adopted a seadragon at MBS Festival Melbourne. Much squealing at the booth of felt toys from both of us :P
  • Really hard to get the dog in the pictures. Even the Force doesn't work on him.
  • Me and my favorite brew. :D Happy Halloween!

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