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  • When ya realise your card of the day has the same emerging-from-the-shroud theme as your #wip #painting on the board. Regular day here, I guess!
  • "Comin' out of my cage and I'm doin' just fine..." From the Byzantine Tarot. It's rather nice after I've been personally getting the Death card over and over. What I really like here: the defying of expectations. The blindfold is off in this 8 of swords. #Tarot
  • Adopted a chunk of aura quartz yesterday, after failing my saving throw against the crystal seller. But look, rainbows! Sorry, wallet. #crystals
  • Albrecht Durer was a hunk, y'all. Proof. This was a sketch for his doctor, to get a remote diagnosis. #arthistory
  • #Watercolor bit done, switching over to color pencils after this. #painting #wip
  • Defining and adding shapes and detail to the fairy tree, most of it made up as I go along. #watercolor #wip #painting
  • #Watercolor #sketch in progress for #sketchfest prompt "fairy tree". Wasn't able to catch the EMG sketchfest event this weekend, but had been wanting to try this as a #painting #wip
  • So simple yet so beautiful. Melt-and-pour soap well done! I'm told there's a little crystal inside the glittering heart, too. Essential oil blend and soap from Senses.Live. Many thanks to Helen for this unexpected gift!
  • This may or may not have been inspired by real life. #doodle #comic #minecraft

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