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  • Dabbling in the #mandala app again. All low res but good for quick gratification!
  • This may be my favorite 3 of Swords OF ALL TIME. Golden Botticelli #Tarot from Lo Scarabeo. 
I ordered a few art history type decks last year. Only opening this one now. Very unexpected and even optimistic takes on some of the cards, and a little less orthodox on the Biblical references compared to the Byzantine Tarot. This deck has a sense of humour. 
  • Will be posting the general reading for January 17th - 30th on my FB art page in a bit. Slow going bcuz both the computer and I seem to be under the weather. Cards from the Self-Love Oracle.

#tarot #Oracle #newmoon
  • There was An Incident yesterday, where a huge black and yellow bee flew in and out of my room no less than 3 times, hovering near my altar and Tarot cards each time. I wound up pulling cards to get its very specific message. This morning, this card from (Real Life Tarot) Chrystal's deck is to Listen. You can see the nature and insects in it. And as I was looking at it, the flapping of wings and squawk of a mynah bird four feet from me punctuated the point. The way fauna loves visiting my space is fascinating, especially during readings.
  • The freaky cool weather is a good chance to pull out of the wardrobe all my favorite autumn dresses that have (wait for it)... POCKETS.
  • Lunch with kiddo before her leadership event at school yesterday, matching sweaters with grandpa.
  • "Didn't you have new glasses made?"
"Why aren't you wearing them?"
"They're a spare. Plus they make me look like a f*%king vampire."
  • Bundled kiddo off to school in a sweater this morning as you do when the weather is colder than the air conditioning.
  • The stickers are horrific but I've still not given up on trying to get the 8yo to piano with me.

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