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  • Full moon in Scorpio and Vesak Day in parts of the world including here. (I have my own reasons for disagreeing that this the right full moon for Vesak,  and I agree more with the Tibetan date. Anyone who wonders into the shop today may get the full astrology rant from me if they give me an opening. But anyway.) Scorpio has a reputation, but it don't care. Its mission is more important, and that is to dive into depths that others would shy away from: sex,  taboos, death. But the depths are where the treasures are. 
The past week has been one of the most rewarding I've experienced this year, but only because I fully accepted "weirdness" as it came-- whether someone confessed them to me or I revealed my own casually because I was now comfortable with them. I think trying to appear normal and mainstream is a self-traumatising experience, and I'm no longer playing that game. 
As full moons go,  this may be the best realisation that I can share. So bring out your weird. 
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  • I have a quartz in my collection that was sold to me as a lightning-struck crystal, bearing these fused cross-hatching lines on one side that remind me of ladders. This piece never fails to make my crown buzz when I run my fingers over it. Suits me.

Lightning flashes of intuition are familiar to me in my work, but,  it can also lead to feeling one's circuits and senses overloaded from time to time. "Coincidentally", I've Uranus sitting at the top of my birth chart (conjunct midheaven), Chiron on my IC. Prometheus and the wounded healer forming this axis for me between Scorpio (above) and Taurus (below). One plus of this feature: the motivation to clear all obstructions to healing and understanding is a constant pillar that holds me up. I appreciate this reminder on the days I need to rest. 
#crystals #astrology #chiron #uranus #scorpio #healing #lightning #breakingfree #lifepath11
  • Drew a card today from the Keys of the Arcturians deck (by Janosh, swipe through to see) and got "Emergence". Interesting for a couple of reasons. That's also the title of the painting I always have behind me at my desk,  and Janosh's words on this card have to do with criticism, which I grew up hearing a LOT of. Any compliments were reluctantly and stingily given, and in my observation, usually directed to people that my parents wanted me to be more like. 
Critical voices tend to stay with you. I realise now,  decades later,  that I joined my parents in criticising people,  because it was a way to "bond" and be on the same side as them...and it may work when the criticism is directed to others,  but inevitably, what goes around comes around. And it's miserable. The critical voices stay with you. They become a shell,  limiting what you feel you can do,  too. 
So, I got a new look at my own painting. My "Emergence" became Card 16, "Evolve", in the Self-Love Oracle. 
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  • Left side: The stuff I should be reading for Counselling Psychology. (I do manage to, look at the sticky tags.) Right side: The stuff I'm reading alongside on my own time. Honestly,  I feel like a tiny child following Carl Jung's footsteps,  who managed to be psychotherapist, author,  artist and astrologer. But hey, one should aim for the stars and have fun doing it. Screw limits! Birth charts could half the time needed for psychoanalysis.

Interestingly,  I've met more holistic people in the mental health profession lately, and not through my course. I think like energy really does attract like. 
#books #manicmonday #astrology #evolutionaryastrology #psychology  #lawofattraction
  • Someone left a yellowed Poul Anderson paperback in the secondhand book pile at the shop and I have FEELINGS. Tor sci-fi books ruled my teenagerhood. I may read this one today. Check at the small text at the bottom. Glee! 
#books #paperbacks #tor
#sciencefiction #booknerd
  • It was a mad weekend, and honestly, I burned out on Friday. But, these arrived! And while I tagged this unboxing, others have done cooler unboxing videos on my deck and you can find them on YouTube. Thanks,  you awesome people. 
#indiepublishing #indiedecks #diypublishing #artistslife #selfpublishing #unboxing
  • Random, but hitting keys has been a lifesaver when I'm stressed/busy, and it's been really busy around here. 
Song is Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face. BTW,  I'm doing live readings soon. Sign up on my site for my mailing list for info on where it's happening,  or message me! 
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  • Time to make space in the basement again because these babies are on their way. Of course,  after that,  nothing sends me faster into panic attacks than unsold merch. #artistslife #diypublishing #entrepreneur #selfpublishing #indiedecks #indiepublishing #oraclecards #oracledeck
  • The fine art of torturing paper. (I already damaged one part by accidental rubbing of an area while still wet. If you can't see it,  great.) #drawing #wip #workinprogress #pencil #snake #python #art #fantasy #fantasyart #sketch  #watercolours #watercolors #splatter #mixedmedia #traditionalpainting #pigment #artstagram #artistsoninstagram #instart

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