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  • Some time ago: "Don't let mummy buy any more yarn. Stop me, ok?" She remembered.
  • Not easy shuffling these cards from The Heart Tarot but I suppose Feb 14th is the day to use them. Reading will be uploaded to FB at /janetchuiart

#tarot #valentinesday
  • The kid was napping. Time for a victory selfie.
  • #Mermaid #painting completed. 10 inches square. On one hand, I wish I'd worked larger, on the other, bigger pieces often are harder for me to complete!  #watercolor #markers #colorpencil
  • Pulled cards for a general read on the week before the next eclipse and it's a good one. Love the 9 of Cups top right; it's a happy dance in progress (Byzantine #Tarot). Own Your Power from the Self-Love #Oracle underscores how we can make powerful use of this time. Full-text read at my FB page /janetchuiart

#Crystals: sunstone, tanzanite
  • Digital photo of a photo from 1998 (college years). Me happy af at Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. (I really have a thing for observatories. And those were happy days, taking astronomy classes where visibility was awesome! Miss 'em.)
  • Funny. Amethyst on left was an unexpected new friend from last night. (Thanks, G!) This morning I feel like I found it a companion among my older crystals. The quartz on the right was picked up from Watkins Books in 2013. 
  • Taking time for details this Sunday afternoon. More work on the #mermaid #painting with new markers and pencils. #wip
  • Another Sunday in the shop. Another dress with POCKETS. My entire hands fit in them. I contain multitudes.

#dresseswithpockets wow this is a real hash tag

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