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  • We lawfully obey at a Selfie Station. #howtobesingaporean
  • Scorching day. "Baby" gelato cones.
  • Kid with big pile of insects
  • Just adopted a seadragon at MBS Festival Melbourne. Much squealing at the booth of felt toys from both of us :P
  • Really hard to get the dog in the pictures. Even the Force doesn't work on him.
  • Me and my favorite brew. :D Happy Halloween!
  • Foxes!
  • Oracle cards drawn for this week (August 28th - September 3rd) as outer circumstances get changeable. The Tarot read at my FB page asks us to be wise where we invest our energy and finances.

#Oracle #mercuryretrograde  #virgo #virgoseason
  • She started to play around and this actually looked good.

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