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  • Lazy Friday afternoon after a crazy week. Literally watching shadows move and just happy to sit.

#floweroflife #light #shadow
  • Another day, another meeting. This is Reiki energy registering on someone's rejigged device. Columns 1-3: one-handed Reiki on water, columns 4-6 two hands, last column: hands removed, return to baseline. So exciting! 
#reiki #spiritscience
  • Loads of work to do, but heading soon to a meeting. I should probably change first. #tshirt
  • Progress on #Morrigan. Starting to cover up the underpainting and fluorescent colours with more opaque pigments. 
#watercolor #wip #painting #celtic #art
  • Glaucoma in his left eye developed this month but still the same old happy dog. We sneak his eye drops in when he thinks we're holding up treats. He had those 'ballerina feet' since before he was adopted. Rare photo where he's not a white blur. #jackrussellterrier #mix
  • The desk setup when I'm capturing the #painting process. The webcam winds up near my chin. 
#wip #celtic #morrigan #watercolor
  • Tea cups, check. Mad hat, check.
  • The bus seats are so kawaii.
  • My favorite color combo, farm style.

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